Referral Reward Program

With our Referral Reward Program,

You Can Cut Your Tuition in ½! FOREVER!!!

When a new student pays for their first month of classes and lists your name as how they heard about us, your next month’s tuition will be half price! (For family groups, the member with the highest monthly tuition receives the 50% discount)

You don’t even have to be in class with them to earn half-off your next month!

If you attend the white and yellow belt class, you may always invite friends to try one free class with you.  If you are in green and up class, except for during special “buddy day” classes, invite your friends to the white and yellow belt class instead of yours.

It’s That Easy!

No Limits!

Ex. Get 6 friends to start at GMTKD this month, and for the next 6 months, the second half of each month’s tuition is free!

Who Do I Bring?

Parents-Neighbors-Teachers-Classmates-Friends-Brothers-Sisters-People From Church-People Not From Church-Door to Door Salesmen-Telemarketers-And YES, even your stinky cousin!


Tell EVERYONE you know and some you don’t