Teen, Senior and Adult Martial Arts Classes (Taekwondo, Krav Maga Self-Defense, and more)

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If you’re looking for fitness, fun, friendly people, real taekwondo, and/or real self-defense training, we’re the school for you! We have three types of adult martial arts class . . .


Teen senior and adult martial arts classes we offer include

  • taekwondo,
  • krav maga & FAST defense, and
  • chun ki hapkido. 

Regular membership includes all for one price!

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Our mixed-age rank earning classes teach traditional and sport skills from WTF Taekwondo and self-defense skills from Krav Maga and other reality based self defense systems.  We also teach goal setting, positive thinking, and modern self-defense theory. Our main focuses are physical fitness, fun, and practical self-defense.

Learn more about our taekwondo classes by watching the videos below or clicking here



Traditional skills below↓      Here, two older men spar while a kid referees ↓    Below is a video of our self-defense training ↓


Our teen, senior, and adult martial art classes of Krav Maga (self-defense) and Chunki Hapkido may be purchased separately:

Self Defense–

This class uses techniques from Krav Maga, FAST Defense, and other non-traditional self-defense-only systems. It’s a good workout too!

The assertiveness and confidence you gain can improve all areas of your life


teen adult senior hapkidoCHUN KI HAPKIDO

a very broad, Korean martial art somewhat similar to Japanese Aikido or Juijutsu.

Our Hapkido students have what is quite a rare opportunity in that their instructors have trained directly with the creator of the style, Grand Master Han Young Choi.   Grand Master Choi has studied Korean martial arts for about 60 years and has founded Chunkido, also called Chun Ki Hapkido.

In these classes, you will learn blocking, kicking, and striking as in Taekwondo or Karate as well as

  •  falling and throwing,
  •  joint locking,
  • pressure point using,
  • the weapons of sword, stick, rope, and cane
  • and more!

Class meets Tues/Thurs 6-7 pm.

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