Taekwondo Classes for Kids & Families Training Together

taekwondo las cruces We’re the best place in Las Cruces for family taekwondo, because parents and kids can train in the same class!

Like Japanese karate, Korean Taekwondo uses kicks, punches, and blocks.  The “Olympic Style” Taekwondo is practiced as a sport in over 200 countries.  Even if you don’t compete, it’s great physical fitness!

You will learn not only taekwondo plus self-defense, but also . . .

  • to use your “Gold Medal Attitude” to increase your happiness and success in life
  • to set and reach goals
  • to develop rock solid self confidence
  • to keep verbal confrontations from coming to blows
  • backing off belligerent bullies

To eliminate the confusion commonly found in martial art classes, our lesson plans rotate between traditional, sparring, and self defense weeks . . .


In Traditional Week, we learn the artistic moves of taekwondo.  These build coordination, confidence, and discipline.  We follow World Taekwondo Headquarters guidelines so our students can easily continue training at any Kukkiwon based school, should they ever move from Las Cruces.

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Sparring week is when we work on moves, strategies, and concepts used in World Taekwondo Federation sparring competitions, like the Olympics. Our students are encouraged (not required) to compete all over the country. These lessons are exciting and athletic and teach students to apply strategy and positive thinking to other areas of their life. It’s also great fun!family martial art Las Cruces


self defense for kids In Self defense weeks, we work on things students use to save themselves from harm.  These include how to safely take a fall, escapes from grabs, conflict management, and strikes to use in self-defense. We teach many Krav Maga techniques because they are easy to remember when under stress.  We use FAST defense methodology to teach strikes so they are easy to use when adrenalized.  The most important things we teach, however, are how to use words in self defense and how to make a good decision about when to strike in self-defense:

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