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Earning my next rank means that I have more focus and am learning how to protect myself. –Seth, child white belt.

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My son, Zachariah Barela, has been attending your classes since mid July and my husband and I have noticed some positive changes for our family.  Zach is a great kid and has lots of energy but that energy has to be harnessed in positive ways or bad things can sometimes happen!  We had tried soccer and he had been ok with it but he was not very enthusiastic about going to practice or participating in the games.  I was looking for summer activities for him when I saw your anti-bullying classes offered on the Las Cruces Public Schools website.  He attended your class and walked up to Master Shoberg afterward to tell her he wanted to join her classes.  We signed him up and he was so happy.  He started sparring right away and loved it and then he got to break boards and loved that, too.  Since he started he has been getting better and better and learning more and more.  He is even trying to teach the kids in his class some moves!  He practices without being asked and he is now starting to learn the white belt form really well.  He has improved in his attention and focus both at school and at home and he is much better at solving problems with his family and friends in a constructive way.  We still have difficult moments at times but now we all know how to work through the difficulties positively together.  Thank you, Gold Medal Taekwondo, for the time and attention you give to Zachariah and all of your many students.


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