How do you choose what to eat?

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If you are new to truly eating healthy, here’s my advice:
Don’t choose what to eat based on convenience or taste. Choose what to eat based on your health and then learn how to make these choices convenient and tasty.  

Some of you probably choose what to eat by looking in your refridgerator and cupboards and balancing the questions of

what am I in the mood for?
what’s easiest to make?
what’s getting old?  

For you I suggest throwing out anything that has sugar or white flour as an ingredient. Shop more carefully in the future.

How do you choose what to buy? I hope you spend most of your time in the produce section of the store, buying fresh fruits and vegetables. I hope you don’t buy stuff in boxes with labels.  I especially hope you aren’t swayed by a box that brags about being healthy, because they rarely are truly healthy. Don’t buy fat free, gluten free, sugar free, etc because you think “as long as it’s missing something it must be good for me.” I hope to educate you for what you want your food to be missing and what you don’t.  But, the bottom line is if it doesn’t have a box with a label involved,  it’s healthier than if it does.

Don’t be swayed by TV commercials, either.

Some of you may decide what to eat by what restaurant you are driving by when you are hungry.  For you, I suggest you plan your food in advance, packing healthy stuff from home or go into a grocery store and buy some fruit or vegetables instead of eating at a restaurant.  

The hardest problem to overcome is if you don’t get to be totally incharge of choosing what to eat becasue you choose what to eat as a team with others like family members or coworkers.   If you are serious about learning to eat health food, you may have to temporarily eat alone, until you get used to it.  I ate breakfast and lunch alone and made a separate dinner for myself for about six months.  It worked great for me. Now, my family eats with me again and almost always at least half of the people eating with me will like what I cook.

see part 2: Who taught you how to choose food?

Please leave a comment below about how you choose what you eat.  If you are a Food First Way member, I hope you will come back to this page every few months and comment on changes in how you choose what to eat.




  1. I think the hardest part is being part of a “team” when it comes to eating meals. Sometimes I get out numbered to what we’re going to eat. So when I can find receipes that are healthy and sound good, its a plus for me.

  2. My husband and I eat out often because we enjoy certain restaurants or certain foods that I am less likely to prepare myself. We plan to continue to do this. However, I have found if I look carefully there are many good choices on the menu. I have changed how and what I order and am enjoying it even more! I do eat what I am in the mood for most days because I find that leads to satiety, hence no cravings or getting the munchies or feeling unnecessarily hungry. I have maintained my weight loss to the pound just by cutting out almost all sugar, cutting back on all grains (eating white flour products is rare), and increasing more vegetables. I enjoy my food so much more and feel more energetic.