Real Taekwondo part 1

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To understand this, one must understand a bit about the history of Taekwondo. In the 1950s, after Korea was liberated from Japan, Korean martial arts teachers formed a group and decided to make Taekwondo.  There was soon a major split which divided the International Taekwondo Federation of North Korea from the World Taekwondo Federation of South Korea.

Currently, especially here in the US where instructors are free to teach whatever they want and call it whatever they want, some teach Tae Kwon Do, Taekwon-do, or TaeKwonDo, or without following the curriculum of either international organization.  (Usually, the schools that follow WTF spell it Taekwondo.)

At Gold Medal Taekwondo, we follow the World Taekwondo Headquarters in South Korea. Here’s why that’s the best choice for our students:

1) Our students are part of something that is bigger than our own dojang, even bigger than our region, and our country. Look up a Tae Geuk form on the internet.  You’ll find videos, manuals, theory, and research on the form from all over the world. The same cannot be said for other forms taught by “unaffiliated” schools.

2) When our students move to another city and want to keep up their training, they will almost certainly be able to find an instructor who teaches WTF Taekwondo. The larger colleges even have WTF Taekwondo teams that are part of the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association.

3) Real Taekwondo schools can do events like tournaments and seminars with other real Taekwondo schools. Both at the local and international level, this causes Taekwondo to evolve and stay modern  as a sport and as a physical fitness activity.

For the most part, every karate school, every Tae Kwon Do school, and every “martial art” school does things it’s own way or the way of it’s 5 to 50 school organization. Not so with schools that teach real WTF Taekwondo. We are the only one in Las Cruces, but Albuquerque and El Paso have several. In fact, an instructor from El Paso will join us at our upcoming black belt test to test for his 4th degree. Students from schools that “do their own thing” would never have an opportunity like this. In fact, WTF Taekwondo is practiced in over 200 countries around the world, with many country’s governments insisting that it is the only kind of Taekwondo taught.

Another time, I’ll explain why I believe a “Kukkiwon certified” black belt is better than a “school certified” black belt or a black belt from other organizations.



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  1. I think one of the things I like about going to a taekwondo school that is WTF affiliated is that I’m not personally a martial arts expert. Therefore, I like knowing that I’ve chosen a school that is following a curriculum that has value and depth and isn’t just the product of some ego-heavy individual martial artist. Now, we’ve gone to Gold Medal for years and know very strongly this isn’t the case here, regardless of their WTF affiliation, but I think for someone choosing a new school, it’s a powerful endorsement. Just as with other disciplines, it’s usually a safe bet to select a program that has undergone a professional accreditation process. Gold Medal’s WTF affiliation and compliance fulfills this requirement for me.