Clarifying “Sugar is fine in Moderation”

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Food First Way | Comments Off on Clarifying “Sugar is fine in Moderation”

More than once when I was telling a group of kids that sugar is bad for them, a kid or two wanted to argue with me saying they had been told that “sugar is fine in moderation.”  Wether this statement is true or not depends on what you mean by “fine” and what you mean by “moderation.”

I’m afraid some of these kids believe that sugar is like salt, a necessary nutrtient that you must be careful to not get too much of.

BTW: I found on the Royal Society of Chemistry’s website that an adult needs 4.2 grams of salt per day, with 1.5g as the minimum, but the average adult gets 10-12 grams of salt per day.

So, if you think “sugar is fine in moderation” means just don’t eat the whole box of cookies at a sitting, I think you should reconsider. I tell myself “sugar is fine in moderation” and eat sugary desserts at buffets a couple of times a month, a handfull of 60% chocolate chips most nights, and birthday cake whenever it’s offered. However, I know I would be better off to reduce my sugar even further.

It would be more accurate to tell kids “sugar won’t kill you if you only eat a little bit, less often than once a day.”