We teach REAL Self-Defense

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This article is about what it means that we teach “real self defense.” Somewhere on this blog are also two articles about what it means that we teach ‘real Taekwondo.’

In fact, there are schools that teach what I call “fake” self defense.  There are also schools that teach “how-to-win-fights” instead of true self defense.

“Fake” self defense, in my opinion is any move that is unlikely to work for the average student when they need it.

Sure, some of these moves, that other schools may teach for self defense, work in competition where there is judges watching for points, and a referee calling penalties. But, things are different in the school yard or parking lot.

True, many of these “fake” self defense moves actually work for experts who have enough training, and enough control of their emotions to not let adrenaline effect their body too much.

But, I ‘d like the moves I teach to work for every student, every time they need it, even if they aren’t experts at it yet.

As you may know, almost all of the defenses against grabs that we teach at Gold Medal Taekwondo come from Krav Maga.

In my opinion, Imi Lichenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, was a genius. He realized that the best defense to teach students, for a particular attack, is not necessarily the “best” defense to the attack. It’s a defense that works well enough, easily adapts to other similar attacks, matches other things they’ve been taught, works with the body’s natural reactions, and messes up things that the attacker is likely to do next.

I spent years struggling with decisions about what defenses to teach students for what grabs before I found that all of the work had already been done for me in the 1950s!

Besides Krav Maga, we also teach FAST defense strikes and other concepts.

Many of the schools that teach winning fights as self defense assume people will stand in a fighting stance while they defend themselves.

As you may have noticed, at GMTKD, we have a separate self defense stance that actually makes it easier for a person to use strikes in self defense even while it looks as if you are not expecting or wanting to fight.

Whenever people are hitting other people, even in self defense, there is a chance for both people to get hurt, and both people to get in trouble.

“Real self defense” must include using awareness, choices, and words to stay out of fights.

If strikes and moves are all a person knows about self defense, they are likely to have to defend themselves in court after they defend themselves in the street.

Staying out of fights is true self defense.

Finally, no other school that I know of teaches students how to protect themselves in as many different types of self defense situations as we do:

  • Verbal Bullies
  • Physical Bullies
  • Kidnappers
  • Planned Crimes
  • Territorial Situations
  • Accidental Confrontations
  • Threats with Weapons, etc.