Which martial art is best for self defense?

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I anticipated being asked this question as I prepared for our booth at the Whole Enchilada Fiesta.  It’s a bit of a bad question like asking “which brand of soda is healthiest?”

Research could be done and an answer could probably be found, but if one is concerned about health, they shouldn’t drink any soda.

If self defense is your only interest, you need a self defense class, not a “martial art”.

A person who would ask a question like that probably doesn’t know the difference between a martial art, a martial art based fighting sport, and a self defense class.

The short answer:  It depends on the teacher, not the name of the martial art. Moves from any martial art can be used in self defense if the teacher chooses to teach them that way and teach self defense “thinking.”

Martial arts based fighting sports (TKD, BJJ, Judo, etc) all have the same problem relative to self defense that the athletes get accustomed  to having rules and referees and to competing against others with similar fighting styles to themselves.

At GMTKD, we have a “self defense week” each three weeks where we teach all members the best self defense moves and concept.

We also have a separate self- defense-only class (teens & adults) and occasional special self defense seminars for women and kids.