Who are the members of Food First Way?

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Who are the members of Food First Way?

Who are the members of Food First Way?

A lot of the members of Food First Way are members of Gold Medal Taekwondo in Las Cruces, NM. Some want to improve their diet to compete better, some want to improve their health and safety through nutrition while they also learn martial art and self defense.

A lot of the members of FFW are Master Marcy Shoberg’s personal friends and family who saw what great results she got with nutrition and want to do the same.

Some members are parents of students or past students of GMTKD who heard about this group from Master Shoberg’s newsletters and other emails.

Some members have found us though the internet.

Some members are other local martial arts instructors looking to improve their and their student’s health.

Some, very few, members are vegetarian.

Some members are “plus size” people. I strongly suspect most of these plus size people eat a healthier diet than most people do, according to the food pyramid, anyway.  I believe they are eating something their body doesn’t know how to use properly, probably dairy or wheat.

Some members are nutrition experts or already “health foodies.” (I’d like these people to comment to me more often, letting me know if I’m on the right track.)

Many members are busy parents of school-age children.

Some members are diabetic, some have arthritis. 

At least one member probably eats so little that she has dropped her metabolism and put on excess fat.

Some members are not interested in improving their diet, just reading my emails to be polite.

Some members are trying desperately to improve the diet of their uninterested family members.

Here’s what all members (except maybe my experts) have in common:

1) Our lives would be improved if we ate more vegetables and less white flour, enriched white rice, and high fructose corn syrup and white sugar. (This is what we work on at FFW white belt level)

2) We don’t understand as much as we should about using fruit and other grains besides wheat in our daily plans of what to eat. (This is what we work on at FFW yellow belt level.)

I worry that many members are hearing so much nutrition advice from the news, commercials, and everywhere else that no focused changes are happening in their diets.  I’d appreciate it if you could temporarily tune out any advice that doesn’t relate to your rank. 

I also believe that we each have different lists of the best food for our bodies, and we all have many things on our minds that seem more important than what we should eat, but in fact, almost nothing is more important than what we choose to make our body out of.